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Yoni Eggs are Popping!!

Yoni Eggs are Popping?

Yoni eggs. What are they? If you’re like me this topic has crossed you either via social media or through quaint little conversations about enhancing your lady parts. 

So first off lets get familiar with your Yoni. 

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for womb, vagina and the origin of life. Your yoni contains the ability the reproduce life and it harness an infinite amount of creative energy and power. Here, within the depths of you, contain the same energy used to create the universe. This same areas stores our emotional traumas but also houses our Divine Feminine Energy. Say hello to your Yoni ladies! In ancient times, your yoni was revered as the sacred space it is and practices where developed to help enhance and revitalize this area, the use of yoni eggs being one of them. 

The use of Jade eggs in Ancient Chinese Cultures is not uncommon or a whisper under someone’s breathe.  I like to call it the “Ancient Chinese Secret”, was known as away of extending lives and enhancing beauty. Empresses and women of high consort knew of the almost magickal benefits of using yoni eggs. 

So lets fast forward back, now, to the present, with the same knowing and understanding of the practice with more accessibility to information and other women who are sharing the same journey. This practice has become well known and woman everywhere are experiencing the benefits both physically and spiritually. Yoni eggs help women tap in and connect deeply to her own divine space through attention and intention.

We’re going to look into the physical benefits to using yoni eggs but first do you know what Kegels are? Ok, so Kegels or Kegel exercises are used to help strengthen the pelvic floor (also know as your PC muscles). It’s the movements that occurs when you are using the bathroom but you stop and start your urine flow. So the starting and stopping the flow of urine is actually you performing a Kegel. This is the exercise you will be performing with your yoni egg. You’ll insert the yoni egg in your vagina and use your PC muscles to keep the egg in place. I know it sounds a little strange for some but this practice has helped countless numbers of women reclaim their Divine feminine Energy.

Ok so now that I have got you acquainted with a little knowledge, lets get to the details. 

Yoni Egg FAQ’s

Spiritual Benefits 

•    Yoni eggs are usually made from certified gemstones like nephrite jade, clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, obsidian, green aventurine and red jasper are among some of the most popular types of gemstone eggs. The different gemstones help with different emotional or spiritual aspects that may need to be focused on.
•    Helps release stuck emotions and fears. As women we hold our emotional traumas and memories in our yoni area. The use of yoni eggs will help you release some unwanted stuck emotions and energies within our energetic bodies. 
•    Our Yonis holds a lot of wisdom and within it our intuition as well. Yoni practice helps us tap  more into our intuition. With practice comes a heightened intuition.
•    A deeper awareness is felt. Your divine feminine, your nurturing and motherly side, awakens more. 

Physical Benefits

With practice you will begin to experience the benefits of using yoni eggs. It is suggested that you do kegels at least three times a day. Do 10 to 15 Kegels holding each one for about 10 to 15 seconds.
Again if your unsure how to access your PC muscles for kegels the nest time you have to go, try stopping your urine stream as you go. This squeezing is you accessing that muscle. You can also do it the old fashioned way and use your finger. Insert one finger into your vagina and try to squeeze it. This is also accessing the PC muscles.

With regular use of your yoni eggs you should begin to experience the following benefits. Keep in mind though that to much of a good thing is bad and doctors do stress the fact that you can overwork those muscles and it can do more harm that good. So a rule of thumb for me is I try to do them at least twice a day both times are usually during bathroom breaks.

•    Strengthening of PC muscles
•    Increased lubrication
•    Heightened sensations
•    Stronger orgasms
•    Improves bladder muscles
•    Tones vaginal walls
•    Increased libido